Do I have to take my vehicle to the body shop recommended by my insurance company?

No, the body shop your insurance recommends is just that, a recommendation. You can choose whichever shop you like to have your vehicle repaired. Dave Illg's Collision Repair Center offers a lifetime warranty on all work performed by us.

My insurance company wants me to use a LKQ (Like Kind Quality) part to repair my vehicle. What does this mean?

LKQ parts are refurbished parts that the insurance company feels are adequate replacements for the parts needed on your vehicle. Use of these parts reduces the cost of repairing the vehicle which in turn helps keep insurance premiums down. At Dave Illg's Collision Repair Center, we will only use LKQ parts if they are up to our high standards.

I'm afraid that my frame is bent. If it is, should I sell my car after the repairs are done? I've been told that if the chassis is bent, that the car will never be the same again.

To begin with, your vehicle may have a chassis (frame). or it may of Unibody construction. However, as far as you are concerned, no matter which it is, the answer is simple. If you choose a quality repair facility that has the proper, up-to-date equipment (a Unibody bench for example) to repair your vehicle, you nor anyone else will ever be able to tell the vehicle had ever been damaged. And as for that old wife's tale, of course your car will be just as good after the repair as before. But remember, the quality of the repair comes from the quality of the people who do that repair.

Is my car going to have two different shades of color because you're only painting the areas that have been damaged instead of the whole car?

Absolutely not! At Dave Illg's Collision Repair Center we say with confidence that your car will look as if it had never been involved in an accident.  We can say this because at Dave Illg's Collision Repair Center we are equipped with a fully computerized paint mixing system to assure you of perfect color matching which makes exotic colors as easy to match as standard factory shades.

How soon after my vehicle is repaired and painted can I wash and wax it?

The rule we have at Dave Illg's Collision Repair Center is that a car should not go through a car wash for at least 2 weeks. You may, however, wash it by hand at anytime.